10 statistics the latest cloud computing in 2018

The application of cloud computing is one of the most discussed topics in the modern information technology industry. Whether it is in the transformation of infrastructure, from the traditional system to deploy cloud computing software, or simply through the use of cloud services to store and backup data, these companies have a concerned method and application of electronic cloud computing is the most effective for their business.

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Here, we study some of the events and update the collection industry trend of cloud computing, finally from 2016 onwards.

1. Security is no longer a shy first

A survey showed that 32% of RightScale now to consider the knowledge and the lack of resources is an important issue, because of the demand for skills and expertise in cloud increase.

2. 30% of the revenue from the Microsoft cloud

Only three of you in 2016, Amazon’s Web service has gained $5% – three increase than the same period in 2015. When Microsoft AWS, cloud computing products are expected to account for the annual income of 30% in 2018.

3. The cost of cloud services through cloud computing facilities

The level of cloud market reached $14 billion 800 million, by 2016, spending $25% a year. The total cost of cloud services for infrastructure, hardware, and software in the cloud.

4. They continue to dominate the market

According to John Dinsdale, the competent departments and research institutions of synergy, cloud computing market development and fast so that the company can be increased by 1030% per year.

5. Global spending growth of 19,4%

The global annual fee for public cloud services is expected to grow at an annual rate of growth of 19,4 percent to $14 billion 100 million, to 2019. This growth rate is the total cost of information technology forecast six times increase the level in the same period.

6. Amazon continues to lead the market

31% – and three times compared to the market, Microsoft is the closest competitor of level 9% Amazon seems to provide services in his own game of the global cloud infrastructure.

7. Continue to increase investment, cloud technology

The 41% companies are planning to increase investment in 51% cloud technology in large companies and small businesses, an average of 35%.

8. The archive is one of the most common uses of cloud computing

The research shows that the use of cloud services in a clutch study in 70% enterprises, 62% storage files, backup and recovery, the application is deployed to the 51%.

9. The lack of strategy to continue to be a problem

Softchoice showed that the 52% companies lack a formal cloud strategy and searchability and the necessary professional is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks.

10. The deployment of cloud in 2020 to become the default

Gartner prediction of cloud computing applications will be significantly increased, in 4 years and the deployment of software to the cloud has become the default value. He predicted that by 2020, the policy of not cloud the company will rarely become different, the current Internet policy.

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